About Rocky 4EurSole™

Rocky 4EurSole™ streamlines how occupational footwear should look and feel. Right from the start, the intention behind this brand was so straightforward – Combine all of the things you need from your footwear; comfort, slip resistance and durability, with the things you want, versatility and style.

Rocky 4EurSole™ is targeting women in the health care industry. The nurse shoes themselves have been made on a distinctive three-part system, which allows you to switch between two patent-pending insoles; there is a backless insole and a full-back insole – you will be given both with your order. In addition, every shoe is enhanced with a decorative swirl strap that allows you to wear this nursing shoes 3 different ways; open back, sling back or full back. You'll receive optimal comfort as well as stability and with our superior slip-resistant PetalTrax technology; you will be able to walk or run securely on your feet. The superior leather upper can be cleaned easily to provide long-lasting durability. In addition, the shoes have an extraordinarily durable abrasion-resistant toe cap to protect against everyday wear and tear.

In short, this comfort focused shoe allows you to: Convert your look… Create your style… Collect them all! With the wide array of footbeds and detachable straps, you are able to design the look of the shoes to reflect your style and show off your unique personality.

Thinking about it now, this clear-cut idea seems rather obvious, but for generations women in the healthcare industry were left wearing terribly unsupportive, painful and potentially injury-causing footwear nursing shoes. Why? Because there was nothing like Rocky 4EurSole™ on the market.

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