• 4EurSole Comfort 4Ever Guarantee

    Because we, at 4EurSole, are 100% confident in the long-lasting comfort built into the Comfort 4Ever collection, we are happy to offer you the 4EurSole Comfort 4Ever Guarantee.

    If at any time your 4EurSole Comfort 4Ever shoes do not meet your expectations for comfort, we will replace them with a brand new pair of 4EurSole shoes from the Comfort 4Ever collection. Additional limitations and conditions do apply. Read and follow all below to take advantage of this great guarantee.


    For your Comfort 4Ever footwear to be eligible for the the Comfort 4Ever Guarantee, you must first register your product via the following link:



    Use the link below if your shoes do not meet your expectations for comfort and you would like to return them for replacement. Note that all returns must include the registered pair being returned and a valid Returns Number provided to you via your completed online returns form. Rocky Brands will pay shipping costs via standard ground shipping to return the product to Rocky Brands and to send your replacement pair to you.


    If you have any questions, you may contact a Customer Care Representative via this email link. We will respond within 24 business hours.

    Some additional conditions and limitations do apply:

    • Replacement shoes may be selected from the 4EurSole Comfort 4Ever collection only.
    • The Comfort 4Ever Comfort Guarantee is a product replacement guarantee; NOT a return for credit or reimbursement. Returns for credit due to manufacturing flaws, defective materials and workmanship are above and beyond this comfort guarantee and are subject to the rules and regulations of the 4EurSole Product Warranty.
    • Replacement depends on product availability. If there is no available inventory of your desired style or size, replacement may be delayed or impossible if you do not select an alternative.
    • Shoes being returned and replacement shoes may be sent only within the United States.
    • This guarantee is good until the first of the following occurs: the life of your purchased 4Eursole Comfort 4Ever footwear; the discontinuation of the Comfort 4Ever collection line; the purchase of the Comfort 4Ever collection, 4EurSole, or Rocky Brands by another entity; or an unforeseen event or situation which makes replacement significantly commercially unreasonable.
    • To protect us from fraud and abuse of this offer, note that 4EurSole (the brand) and Rocky Brands (the parent corporation) have the right to cancel and deactivate this guarantee at any time and for any reason.