Ralph and Vicki have done it all, from owning their own archery pro shop, to outfitting for deer, bear and elk. They have worked from the bottom up to earn a reputation that is second to none in the hunting industry. Their knowledge comes from the highest authorities out there, the animals themselves. Ralph & Vicki believe that the best way to learn is from hands-on experience; and their TV show proves that.

"We chose to work with ROCKY for a very important reason, they make outdoor clothing and footwear that stands up to all the conditions we must deal with in all our hunting adventures. From high alpine hunting to flat land safaris, severe cold and wet to hot dry swampy or desert conditions we have worn ROCKY gear without any failure. With today's financial burdens it is a breath of fresh air to find a company who is interested in making great hunting gear at an affordable price. No matter if your just hunting deer at home or traveling the world in search of wild hunting adventures ROCKY will keep you in the game, safe, dry, quiet and comfortable. Yep, that's why we chose ROCKY!" - Ralph Cianciarulo

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