When hunting is in your blood, there’s nothing else that gets your heart thumping quite the same, not even the thrill of professional wrestling. MRA Hunting's (MacMillan River Adventures) host Shawn Michaels, with his co-host Keith Mark, is the fastest growing hunting show on the Outdoor Channel. Beginning in 2014, Rocky will be the presenting sponsor of MRA Hunting. Shawn’s fans are as enthusiastic for him as he is for hunting and that passion for the outdoors is what Rocky thrives on.

This season will feature many more exciting adventures of Shawn and Keith as they promote faith, family, friendship, conservation, and the values of living a hunting lifestyle, as they hunt in some of the most pristine hunting destinations in the world. “If the cameras picked up just a small portion of the excitement and fun that Shawn and I are sharing on these adventures, the viewers will want to join us every week because I truly believe they will feel like they are hunting with us!” Keith said.

MRA Hunting is all about hunting big game animals in some of the most pristine wilderness left on the planet. Our goal is to give our hunters a "very close" encounter with the animal of their dreams, regardless of their choice of weapon. We believe that good people with the proper equipment will increase the quality of your Yukon experience.

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